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How to use the site – some simple tips.

(1)  Use the Search function at the side (right) for the moment. We are working on indexing all the documents in the site so that a request will search text in all uploaded documents as well, so you should get more hits soon.

Results are displays chronologically rather than by most relevant, so take the time to go through a few pages.

(2)  Menus are at right

Resources are presented in two ways.

First by ‘category’, which includes what you can see to the right in the side bar under ‘Resource collections’.

Secondly they are ordered by ‘theme’, with titles such as ‘Deductive logic’, ‘Philosophy of science’, ‘Ethics and moral philosophy’ and the like.  

(3)  This site is about teaching students to think philosophically.  Teaching Philosophy is something else; although that’s fun too and there are lots of resources for that as well.  As such there are two basic types of resource

1. Materials that tell you about philosophers, philosophies and critical thinking.  There are booklets used by teachers to teach deductive logic, social and political philosophy, etc. as you might use a text (they usually have lots of activities in them as well). Some original writings by philosophers and people talking or writing about philosophy can be found here.

2.  Stimulus material, providing something concrete to which your philosophical knowledge can be applied.  This will refine and sharpened the skills of philosophical inquiry and help establish the tools of critical thinking.


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