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Comments on the American President’s signature. Pseudoscience, fallacies of reasoning hasty generalisation. Australian Institute of Graphology???

Barack Obama’s signature reveals his secrets

By Justin Vallejo

The Daily Telegraph

January 22, 2009 12:01am

Secrets revealed … the pronounced and embellished initials B and O reveal Barack Obama’s pride and ambition, according to a handwriting expert


THE first official signature of Barack Obamareveals a man grounded in action, compassion, generosity and diplomacy, a handwriting expert said yesterday.

From his penmanship, writing analyst Caro Duncan sees a highly intelligent man who thinks fast and adapts to any situation, The Daily Telegraph reports.

“It is a bit of a relief for the whole world,” Ms Duncan, from the Australian Institute of Graphology, said.

“He’s very diplomatic and tactful, capable of seeing the big picture and is at his best when he’s handling complex matters.”

The pronounced and embellished initials B and O reveal his pride and ambition, according to Ms Duncan. He is self confident and relishes the recognition of his own accomplishments.

Their size and position shows a love of the limelight, a pattern usually seen among actors and performers.

There is also a love of culture in there, an open mind to other people’s opinions and ideas.

“His inauguration day signature is a little more stretched than usual, which is very literal, it means that he’s got a lot on his shoulders,” Ms Duncan said.

“There’s always been an awareness of others in his handwriting but he reaches out that little bit more in today’s signature – he is genuinely listening.”

There is disappointment there, too, Ms Duncan sayd.

His Christian name is slightly more coherent than his surname, hinting at disappointment with his father or family.

They are pangs the left-hander is able to face on his own. While left-handers usually slope to the right President Obama does not, showing his self-sufficient nature.

Bart Baggett from the Handwriting University says his handwriting is comparable to former US Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan with but one omission – a high and long t-bar indicating extremely high self-esteem and visionary thinking.

“Obama crosses his Ts at an average height, reflecting a good self esteem and humility,” he said.

Before George W. Bush became president in 2000, graphologist Katie Darden analysed his writing and found a strong persistence and resistance to being told what to do – a desire to make his own way and stand firm on issues that mattered to him.

“These characteristics, if taken to an extreme, could result in some interesting stand offs,” Ms Darden wrote 9 years ago.

Yesterday, Americans everywhere looked to the inauguration day signature and hoped President Obama’s pen would eventually prove mightier than President Bush’s sword.


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