Three essays about France’s response to the veil (hijab, burqa, etc.)

Three essays in response to France’s ban on women wearing veils and other full body coverings in secular spaces. Two of the essays are written by women; the other by a political writer (Greg Sheridan). Themes: Secularism, nationalism, identity politics, feminism, individualism, censorship Possible questions: *What – if any – rights does a government have to do as France did? *What are the consequences, negative, positive or neutral? *How helpful or unhelpful will this be to the women who are affected by this? *Who benefits from this ruling? Why or how? *What ‘stance’ or position does each essay writer take? Can we determine their personal opinions/beliefs about this issue from their essays? *If you were the PM of Australia or the Minister for Women’s Interests, how would you go about dealing with this issue in Australia?

France – the Veil (docx)

(Uploaded by Katherine Cheng.)

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