Continental bid to remove veil in the face of Islamic extremism

Belgian MPs are set to pass a law to ban the burka & nikab (full body and full face coverings). Women who defy the ban will be fined or jailed. Suggested discussion topics: – What are the different ‘-isms’ at play with this particular law or trend in Europe? To start you off, here are two -isms: secularism & fundamentalism. – WHY are these ‘-isms’ in conflict? Is there a way of reconciling the different demands of these particular ‘-isms’ or philosophies? Why or why not? – What are the consequences of this particular ban in Belgium? Of the continuing trend in Europe against the outwards signs of the Islamic faith? Are there any ‘unintended consequences’? – Is there a better or different way of addressing these issues? – What can Australia learn from what is happening in Europe? Is it possible that Australia (or another country) has something to teach Europe about this? – Find interviews or media articles which articulate views DEFENDING the veil/burka as well as those that are AGAINST. – Draft a letter to the PM or the Minister for Women’s Interests SUPPORTING the Belgian stance as well as a letter which OPPOSE the Belgian stance and decide on your arguments. – “Today it is the full-face veil, tomorrow the veil, the day after it will be Sikh turbans and then perhaps it will be mini-skirts,” she said. Find other items that might be included in this quote. DISCUSS.

Belgium to ban veil (doc)

(Uploaded by Katherine Cheng.)

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